Veteran’s “ReGroup” for transition to Civilian life

We train soldiers how to go to war, nobody trains them how to come home. So much money and training went into the development of our Armed Forces. However, not much money is invested in creating a successful transition from Active duty to 1st Civilian Division as we called it. Many of us are lucky and have a community to come back to, but that is not the case for everyone. A great number have no family or friends to go back to, or may be starting over in a new City, State, or even Country. Many get out and have no one to train them how to start and guide a life that no longer provides the structure that Military life does.


ReGroup Foundation was created with a simple mission: Prevent veteran homelessness and hardships by providing healthy, supportive living environments. Antonio and Stephanie are leading the way with assisting needy Veterans with tools to promote a healthy and smooth transition into Civilian life. They plan to develop ReGroup ranches that will provide a structured transition into work or school, as well as proper Veteran Affairs tools and knowledge to guide the agency.


Located in the Texas Hill Country, the ranch was donated by the founders as the prototype location for ReGroup. This property will house six single males, six single females, and one veteran with a family. A bonus feature of the property is that it will have an aquaculture building capable of generating over $750,000 annually to cover the costs of our programs and overhead. Also looking to the future of energy, the ranch plans to use Solar energy to help sustainability and to reduce the overall costs.

Its time that we take a real strategic approach to the Veteran Transition. Stop the bleeding before it begins and help give these young and old Soldiers a new mission, and a new azmith to help guide their Civilian life.

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