This will make you want to get involved. Generosity is in our Genes

“The heart that gives, gathers”, quote from Tao Te Ching.

Generosity has multiple meanings to me. The dictionary labels it as the quality of being kind and generous. To most people, it might mean giving something that you have an abundance of to someone who is asking for it. I see this as the most basic form of generosity. That “something” could be your food, water, or money. All of these things can be valuable to someone who does not have it, and they are items that are relatively easy to come by, and easy to give away.

Over the past few years there has been one thing that has become evident in life is the value of time. It’s really a silly concept as a child and even into becoming a young adult. We were always itching to be older, finish up with school, and get a job. Well, reality kicks in somewhere in your 20’s and you start to realize that time is the most valuable asset we have. We can make more money, get more food, or find more water. The one thing we can’t get more of is time.

—- Check out ReGroup Foundations Generosity campaign here —–

I guess the point im trying to get across here is that when it comes time in your life when you can look back and start reaching back to pull people forward, consider how much dollar value you could provide to that person / charity / nonprofit by simply investing a little time in them. Time could mean sitting down with a family member or close friend and talking them through a situation they are dealing with. Yes, money could send them to a therapist and get them some treatment, but giving them your time could provide them with a connection no therapist can create. As Steve Maraboli has said, “a kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

Chris Blankenship of ProdudctionFor has shown me just how much more valuable your time can be for a nonprofit trying to navigate gain traction and build an audience. As a successful director, editor, and pretty much all things production, Chris could have easily written a check and it would have helped ReGroup Foundation meet their financial needs. Instead, he decided that his skill set would be more valuable than money to an organization with a mission as big as preventing Veteran homelessness by providing a smooth transition out of the military.

Now a member of the Board of Directors, Chris has been motivating me along the way with his tenacity and dedication to his craft, and the future of ReGroup Foundation. By creating a portfolio of video content, Chris has allowed Regroup to provide high quality updates, entertaining videos, and “commercial” spots that has been a key success to the growth of this nonprofit.

—- Check out ReGroup Foundations Generosity campaign here —–

Im not saying you need to create videos for a nonprofit like Productionfor, or dedicate your time giving Social Media Consulting as we do at SLHFSocial. What I am asking is for you to give a little bit of your time this 4th of July weekend and donate a few minutes to helping spread the word of this Campaign.

I know you are on social media as that’s how you happened to come by this video most likely. So lets be Social. Hit the buttons and tell your friends why you are proud to be a supporter of ReGroup Foundation, or any great cause that you are apart of.

SHARE. LIKE. COMMENT. Its really that easy and doesn’t cost you but a few moments of your time. Of course we would love for you to donate, and volunteer, but these growing nonprofits cant get their name out there unless you tell your friends.

—- Check out ReGroup Foundations Generosity campaign here —–


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