Mission Accomplished: Operation Turkey

Having just finished my very first Operation Turkey, there is a lot that can be reflected on. First and for most, Operation Turkey is a wonderful organization compiled of great people. I was overwhelmed by the amout of people that I saw attending the events, from orientation all the way to Turkey day. There was a real sense of community between the volunteers and it was hard to find someone without a smile on their face.

Operation Turkey
I got to learn what Operation Turkey really means. What starts out as organized chaos, ends up turing into a well oiled machine that accomplishes an amazing mission. It was quite a feat to see strangers come together and positivly effect their community.


It is quite amazing how one simple question, “have you had a chance to eat today” can create lead to feeding almost 40,000 people. I hope that Operation Turkey can grow in many new cities this coming year and WE can help as many people as we can.


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