How to Use Green Marketing Effectively in Social Media

Does your company practice sustainability? If your business follows green initiatives or produces environmentally friendly products, sharing your sustainability efforts on social media can be an effective marketing strategy. But to win loyal customers, it has to be done right. With the right methods in place, green marketing can result in more greens for your company.

Why is this marketing strategy beneficial? We’ll show you how green marketing can help attract loyal customers and how to use it effectively in your social media channels.

Green Marketing: Spreading Love for the Environment

A company implements green marketing when they promote products or initiatives that are based on their environmental benefits, including:

  • Being made from recycled content
  • Being manufactured in a sustainable way
  • Not containing toxic materials
  • Being designed to be repairable
  • Organic produce
  • Locally sourced meats, vegetables, wines, etc.

Because consumers, especially the younger generations, are increasingly becoming more interested in environmental values, green promotion is proving to be an important component of business marketing strategies. Various types of companies – small businesses, large corporate brands, and nonprofit organizations – are moving toward green practices to give customers what they want.

Connecting with consumers through environmental values increases brand loyalty. More consumers want to buy from companies that they trust to incorporate sustainability efforts into their products. They see greenness as a benefit and want to buy from the company whose products boast an environmental claim.

Surveys have shown that consumers may even be willing to pay more for green products. The 2014 Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility found that 55% of consumers were willing to pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Although the desire to buy green products is there, how you conduct the marketing process can make or break your results. Keep reading to learn how to use green marketing without losing your audience.

5 Tips for Effective Green Marketing

Businesses are latching on to green marketing to attract customers, but many are missing the mark with their strategy. Failing to understand your audience can drown your green marketing efforts.

When you approach green marketing as a way to start a conversation with your target audience about sustainability, you set up your business for success. Here are a few tips for implementing an effective green marketing social media strategy:

  • Be consistent. Your environmental efforts should carry through to all of your business policies. When consumers are made aware of one green product you have, they’ll look for that in everything you do.  
  • Be educational. Explain to your audience how your product is helping the environment and why they should care about it. If you’re marketing recyclable packaging, for example, educate your customers about the landfill reduction benefits.
  • Invite your customers to participate. Make your campaign personal by inviting your customers to take part. Offer tips on how they can be more environmentally friendly, and ask them what their biggest environmental concerns are.
  • Analyze feedback. Track and analyze your audience’s response to your green marketing efforts. Keep tabs on all of the communication to see what’s working and what isn’t,
  • Be honest. The environment is an emotional and political topic, and misleading customers can backfire. Don’t boast a green claim if it isn’t there.

With the rise of going green, your business can benefit from this type of marketing. Making consumers aware of your company’s environmental friendliness can lead to brand loyalty and increase your ROI. Remember, social media marketing is about starting conversations and making connections – that’s how green marketing may result in more greens.
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