Five Things to do at Vet Fest Austin

On Saturday, November 12th, VFW Post 8787 will be hosting its first ever Vet Fest. Event planners and coordinators Denny Katona and Steven Thornhill have brought together 50 non-profits, service organizations, and veteran-owned businesses operating in the Austin area with the intent on connecting Veterans with companies who put their needs first. Meet us at VFW Post 8787 (located at 500 VFW Rd, Austin, Texas 78753) from noon until 5pm for a day full of activities and community building.

Veteran Socializing

Vet Fest provides a unique opportunity to gather Veterans of all backgrounds in order to socialize and foster community, whether you connect with one of the non-profits that will be represented there, or meet some new running partners (see Team RWB)

Attendees will be able to find some camaraderie and build a network here in Austin, helping Vets get connected with the right resources to achieve their goals.

Non-Profit and VSO services

This event will feature over 50 non-profit organizations and Veteran Service Organizations represented in Austin. This will be a great way to learn about the services that these companies provide. Bunker labsTexas Veteran Commission, and Military Veteran Peer Network are just a few of the organizations that will be featured

Great Prizes

All Veterans will receive a t-shirt, resource books, and a swag bag at the festival. Door prizes are also available and there will be a raffle going on with the proceeds going to the participating organizations.

Volunteer Opportunities

This event also provides a great platform for attendees to get connected with opportunities to give back to the Vet Community and Austin as a whole. Giving back is a great way to positively affect the lives of those who need help, as well as for creating friendships and bonding with people you may have never met otherwise.

Great BBQ

In case the other great opportunities that you can find at Vet Fest Austin didn’t get you excited enough, I can’t wait to dive into some Comeandtakeit BBQ. I will be sure to dive into some brisket and ribs while I’m there.

I am so excited to see Austin embracing its Veteran community and bringing together over 50 organizations with the intent of helping Veterans and their families. Hope to see you there!


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