A Path to Success | Michelle Allen

What changes do you need to make right now to have the life you want?

What changes do you need to make right now to have the life you want? Can you make a choice today that sets you on your path to success?

It’s not always easy to make changes when you likely won’t see an immediate result. But doing the hard thing now can set you on your path to success. Our podcast guest Michelle Allen knows this first hand, as she is now reaping the rewards of a successful career set forth by the big decisions she made when she was younger.

As a single mom in the 90s, Michelle’s main goal was to be there for her kids, but she also needed to provide for them. A career in real estate gave her the flexibility she needed to be able to do both.

She has been a licensed realtor since 1999 and is a Broker Associate for Realty Austin with over 600 individual career sales as of December 2017. She recently achieved Top Producer with Realty Austin.

Michelle said when she started making tough decisions, things started changing for her. Decision-making and following through is what shapes her vision of success.

While Michelle has achieved many milestones as a realtor, her definition of success is changing as she gets further along in her path. Now she is giving back to the real estate community by teaching the skills and knowledge she has gained over the years to help other realtors grow in their career. Here’s Michelle speaking on how her vision of success has changed:

Michelle provided great insights about cultivating a positive mindset, taking small action steps each day, and finding your own definition of success. Check out the full interview to see how Michelle’s path to success can help shape your own.

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A Path To Success

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