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Do you ever feel pressured to have it all figured out? Do you feel like you’re behind if you don’t know what you want to do with your life?

It can be scary when a chapter of your life comes to an end and you don’t have a clear direction for where to go next. Our guest on A Path to Success is proof that you don’t always have to start with a perfectly visualized dream to make progress on your path. Finding your picture of success is all part of the fun.

Justin Gilfus is a veteran of the United States Army with deployment to Afghanistan. He has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over four years and recently became CEO of Abraxas Technology in Austin, TX. At 26 years old, Justin has found his definition of success, but it wasn’t always so clear to him.

Approaching high school graduation, Justin felt pressure from those around him to know what he wanted to do with his life. But at 18 years old, he didn’t know what he wanted to study or what kind of career he wanted to go into. What he did know was that he wanted to join the Army.

And so he took his definition of success one day at a time, serving our country in his deployment to Afghanistan. But after his time in the Army, he felt the same societal pressure to get a job and have it all figured out. Once again unsure of where to go next, Justin had to find his own definition of success.

Now, Justin approaches his vision every day in the way he shows up for his employees. As the CEO of an outdoor advertising analytics firm, Justin values building a company he is proud of and being a leader that people want to follow. He wants to be the guy that people want to come and work for.

We asked Justin what qualities he looks for when making hiring decisions. First and foremost, Justin looks for people with a hungry mentality. He says it’s not always whether or not you know how to do a task, but show that you’re hungry to learn how to do it. He wants to see people who will ask questions, hustle and show a sense of grit in their work.

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A Path To Success

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