5 Benefits of Social Media for Law Firms

Social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool for various business types, but law firms in particular have been apprehensive about adapting to the digital trend. Their concerns are valid – law firms have client confidentiality and plenty of serious matters on the line.

Yet, law is an industry that depends heavily on social interactions for new business, and your firm is missing out on opportunities without an online presence. Here are the top 5 ways law firms benefit from social media.


Whether you realize it or not, your market is looking for your firm on social media. If your competitors are on social networks, they’re getting more exposure. And if they’re not there yet, (they will be soon!), maintaining a consistent social media presence will make your firm stand out and stay ahead of the competition.


Social media provides opportunities to connect with clients in new ways. Use the social channels to follow important business clients and keep up to date on their accomplishments. Build relationships through the digital avenue by making small efforts to add value and connect. Plus, posting updates or commenting on client posts keep your firm’s name in front of them.


Perhaps the biggest opportunity with social media is your chance to provide value to your clients and prospects. Trust in law firms is built on traits like intellectual leadership, integrity and confidentiality. What easier way to showcase these values than to share your knowledge and insights on the platforms where your audience already hangs out?

Tip: Two major concerns among law firms regarding social media are the possibility of violating client privacy and appearing to have given legal advice. Avoid these concerns by sharing valuable, important information, like new laws or updates about your firm. The content you share should allow you to become a trusted source, ultimately helping to turn contacts into clients.


Marketing on the digital platforms allows you to extend your firm’s message in more relatable ways. 81% of people in the United States are using social media. While you don’t need to be on every platform, becoming known on one channel gives you significantly more exposure. You have the ability to target the demographic your firm works with, ensuring that your content gets in front of the right audience. It takes multiple contacts to convert – getting your brand in front of people repetitively gives them those points of contact they need to finally work with you.


Following your clients, prospects and competitors online gives you valuable insights into their interests, pain points and what’s missing in the industry. Social media is like free market research that allows you to build on your own brand’s strengths to better serve your clients.


Social media marketing – when done correctly – can have significant payoffs for law firms. ROI can be measured in terms of traffic to your website, exposure (reach, number of followers, etc.) and tracking engagement (comments, shares) and leads. But the results won’t be there without maintaining a consistent social media presence over time.

Ready to jump-start your social media marketing but not sure where to begin? Maybe you’re strapped for time and don’t know how you can post consistently. At SLHFSocial, we’re here to help you get the most out of social media while you focus on your business. We offer everything from social media consulting and education to running campaigns and managing your online presence. If you’re ready to see online growth, let’s talk.

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